Sufyaan ibn Uyaynah said :

‘Hishaam ibn AbdulMaalik [who was the sultan] entered the Grand Masjid of Makkah, and there he found Saalim ibn Abdullaah [ibn Umar ibn al-Khattab], 

So he said to him: ‘O Saalim, ask me any of your needs.’

So he [Saalim] said to him: ‘Indeed I am shy of Allaah; to ask other than Allaah – in the house of Allaah.’


Thus when he had exited, he [Hishaam] followed him and said: ‘Now you have left the masjid, so ask me of any need.’

So Saalim told him: ‘From the needs of the world or from those of the here-after? ‘

He replied: ‘Of course, of the worldly needs.’

Thus Saalim said to him:

‘I did not ask the One who owns the world, so how should I ask one who does not own it!?’


Swifatu Swafwaa of Ibnul Jawzee : 1/194


Lessons :

– This story shows how far the Salaf were from depending on other than Allaah, 

– And it also shows that their main supplications were for the goodness of the here-after and not this life,

– And also how the rulers took care of the scholars and respected them,

– And also; the sanctity of the masjids.