From ‘Awwam ibn Hawshab (rahimahullaah) who said :

‘One time I stopped by a village which was adjacent to a graveyard. So when it was time of ‘Asr prayer; a grave from among the graves split open and came out from it: A man whose head was like the head of a donkey, while his body was like that of a [normal] human!

And he brayed [the sound which a donkey makes]- three times , then [fell back into] the grave covering him once again!

And beside that graveyard there was an old woman who was either plaiting her hair or some wool.

[Seeing me shocked] So one woman said to me: ‘Do you see that old woman? ’ 

I replied: ‘What is with her?’ 

She said: ‘She is the mother of this one [ i.e. the man from the grave].’

So I said: ‘And what is his story?’

So she said : ‘He used to drink alcohol upto where he gets fully intoxicated, and his mother would say to him : ‘O my son, fear Allaah. Until when are you going to drink this alcohol?’ 

So he would reply to her: ‘Indeed you are just braying, just like how the donkey brays.’ 

So [after some time] he passed away; and it was the time after ‘Asr. 

Hence his grave opens up – after Asr- every day, and he brays three times, and then his grave swallows him back !”


Source : 2517 in Saheeh at-Targheeb wa Tarheeb of Imaam Al-Albaanee who said it is hasan, and said : It was narrated by Imaam Al-Asbahaani and others, and he Al-Asbahani said: Abul-Abbaas Al-Aswamm narrated it in Naysaapur infront of the huffadh [Great memorizers of hadeeth] and none of them denied it.

The story is also mentioned in : Az-Zawaajir of Allaamah Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, and also in Ghidha al-Albaab fi sharh mandhoomatil-Aaadab of Allaamah as-Safaareeni .


Lessons & Benefits :

1. Kindness to the Parents,

2. Kindness & Obedience to the Parents,

3. Kindness & Obedience & Humility to the Parents.

4. Remember , Your Mother, Your Mother , Your Mother; then your Father.

5. A transgression is re-paid in the same manner.  And punishment starts in the world, and in the grave, then in the here-after.

6. Alcohol ; the destroyer of a persons Deen, etiquettes, and even worldly affairs.

7. From the most important things is : Asking Allaah to make you live upon His obedience and to ask Him for a good end.