“There was a man who desired a woman; while she was un-willing.

So [in the turn of events] she said to him : ‘You are someone who has recited the Quran, and heard hadeeth, and are knowledgeable!’   [Yet you do this!!]

Thus he replied: ‘[Just] close the doors of the mansion.’

So she obliged and did so.

Then he approached her and got close to her…


So she said: ‘There is one door which I did not close!’

He inquired: ‘Which one?’

And she says: ‘The door between you and Allaah The Most Exalted The Blessed….’


The narrator said: ‘And there he did not object to her statement.’ [Meaning he retreated from what he had aspired.]


Source: Dhamm al-Hawaa of Ibnul Jawzee



1. The obligation of resisting not to fall into sins.

2. The nafs [soul] & the shaytaan need to be fought; as at every opportunity they call to sins and mischief – even for those who have knowledge. 

3. And this reminds us of the fact that knowledge is actions and not just information stored.

4. The bad effects of seclusion between male and female.

5. Being determined in preventing the occurring of a sin by any means, especially by admonishment and reminders about Allaah.

6. The believer when he slips and is then reminded : he remembers and benefits.

7. Keeping in mind –every time & all-times – that Allaah The Exalted encompasses us.