I do not –and all Perfect Praise is for Allaah- call to the sect of the sufis, nor to any Faqeeh [jurist], or any philosopher, or any Imaam -from the Imaams whom I hold in esteem- like Ibnul Qayyim and Adh-Dhahabee and Ibn Katheer and other than them. 

Rather I call to Allaah Alone; One with no partners, and I call to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah (ȘallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam); of which he counseled -the predecessors and the later ones from among his Ummah- to follow.

And I hope that I will never repel the truth when it reaches me, rather I call Allaah to bear witness, and the Angels, and all the creatures; that when a word of truth comes to me; I will accept it welcomingly and unconditionally.

And I will throw against the wall all that which opposes the truth –from the statements of my Imaams- except the Messenger of Allaah (ȘallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam); because he does not utter except the truth….”


Shaykh al-Imaam Muhammad ibn AbdulWahhab (rahimahullaah)

Source: Rasaail Shakhsiyyah [The Personal Letters] pg. 252 




1. A clarification that Imaam Muhammad ibn AbdulWahhab (rahimahullaah) never came with any new sect or group; rather first and foremost he never came with a new creed.

2. An explicit statement showing the difference between glorifying the Imaams and restricting to call to them [and their opinions] only.

3. Our call is the call to Tawheed and the Pure Sunnah.

4.  Re-iterating the statement of the Imaams:  ‘When you find my opinion contradicting the Sunnah; then throw my opinion against the wall.’

5. The truth is not to be left; no matter who opposes it.

6. If this is the call of the Imaam Muhammad ibn AbdulWahhab (rahimahullaah); then it is foremost on those who are lower than him to not to call to partisanship nor blind following of their own opinions.

7. We only blind follow one Imaam:  the Messenger of Allaah (ȘallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam).

8. The truth is what confirms with the sacred Texts.

And Allaah knows best.