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60 Questions on the Rulings of Menses & Post-Partum Bleeding


60 Questions on the Rulings of Menses & Post-Partum Bleeding


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Paperback, Perfect bound, 75 pages
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Translated from the work of Al-Imaam Muhammad bin Saaleh al-‘Uthaymeen

Publication Reviewed & Authorized by The Ibn ‘Uthaymeen Charity Organization



“The many problems encountered with Haydh and Nifaas are a sea without shores.”

– Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen


Allaah has ordained for the daughters of Aadam a monthly cycle of natural bleeding which brings about with it a set of rulings pertaining to the manner in which they are to worship Allaah, Glory be to Him, during the period of time this bleeding occurs.

Due to the many questions being referred to the scholars on the subject of the rulings of menses in worship, we have compiled this small treatise of the most common and oft-repeated questions put forward  by our Muslim sisters.

This book is based on the fataawa (rulings) of the great Imaam of this era, Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saaleh al-‘Uthaymeen. In this book, the Shaykh provides detailed explanations as to the wisdoms and reasons behind certain rulings, expounding on the rulings with a clarity that he is well known for in his writings.

Our hope is that this small but greatly beneficial treatise will act as a reference point that will easily be within your reach at all times.

We also hope that you benefit from the knowledge contained within the answers of Shaykh ibn ‘Uthaymeen so that you may be in a position to worship Allaah upon knowledge and insight and furthermore, we hope that you come to appreciate the importance of knowledge and in particular, the knowledge of Fiqh (Knowledge and Understanding) in the Legislation of Allaah.


The Book comprises of the following Chapters:
The Rulings of Haydh in Salaat (Prayers) and Sawm (Fasting)
The Rulings of Tahaarah (Cleanliness) in Salaat (Prayers)
The Rulings of Haydh in Hajj and ‘Umrah


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